How do you get permission to place #neighborhood benches or private planters on sidewalks? Soon there will be new rules for #plantbuckets, #parklets & Co: The offer should also be directed at private individuals (status 2021).

The subcommittee mobility discussed at the end of 2021 what is possible for #gastronomy and neighborhood #initiatives. Because parklets and outdoor gastronomy on #parking spaces for cars are also proven approaches from the city's point of view, with which they have had good experience. The city has therefore also developed rules of the game for neighborhood benches and private #plant troughs - with the aim of formulating "transparent, comprehensible approval procedures for these wishes from the citizenry."

And honestly, some times a private #seating bench is not only cheaper, but perhaps more inviting than a public one, right? By the way, one of the pictures below is from Wismar - because bicycle baskets can also bring good karma ;-)

PS: Before anyone is in a hurry now: While the #Mobility subcommittee has welcomed the ideas developed in principle, the formal decision is still to follow by the start of the 2022 season. The existing rules for temporary outdoor catering and parklets will of course continue to apply until that time:

Any news on this yet? Then write it in the comments right away!

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