How about an alcohol-free cocktail creation based on verjus and regional products?

But what exactly is verjus? Verjus is a sour juice produced by squeezing unripe grapes and is significantly milder than vinegar. Wikipedia explains: "In the kitchens of the French Périgord, in parts of Turkey, Iran and neighboring countries, verjus is used as a condiment in everyday cooking for purposes for which lemon juice or vinegar are used in Germany." You can buy the juice in organic or drugstores.

Try this apple cocktail:


  • 6 cl naturally cloudy apple juice (regionally pressed)
  • 1.5 cl elderflower organic syrup
  • 0.5 cl Verjus
  • 8 cl still water
  • ice cubes


Fill a large caipirinha glass (35 cl) to the brim with ice cubes and add all the ingredients. Press the shaker onto the glass and shake for approx. 10 seconds. Then pour everything back into the glass. Garnish with a fresh apple wedge.

You can also use this base to create your own cocktails with other regional fruit.