With the new #mehrweggehen campaign, the city of Stuttgart is advocating the consistent use of reusable packaging and calling on customers to use their right to reuse.

The aim is to reduce single-use packaging for out-of-home consumption and conserve resources. Background: In Germany, around 770 tons of waste are produced every day from single-use packaging. Extrapolated over the year, that is more than 280,000 tons. Paper, cardboard and carton make up the largest proportion of this, followed by plastics. By using reusable containers, valuable raw materials can be saved and the amount of waste significantly reduced.

For a year now, catering establishments have been obliged to offer reusable containers, which should be actively used. The introduction of this obligation in the German Packaging Act in January 2023 means that catering establishments must offer reusable packaging if they sell takeaway food or drinks. This can be done using their own reusable containers or by participating in a reusable system. Smaller businesses have the option of having reusable containers filled by customers.

But let's be honest: how often have we asked for this or brought our own container? It is also up to us consumers to ensure that this requirement triggers an actual sustainability effect.

The campaign with the motto "Let's go reusable together!" now aims to motivate us to do so. It includes posters, animated advertisements throughout the city and on the city's social media channels. A video clip provides information about the right to ask for reusable food, especially when ordering takeaway food. In cooperation with SSB, the video clip will also be shown on passenger TV in the city's streetcars in March. We have linked the clip here.

You can find comprehensive information about the campaign here: www.jetztklimachen.de/mehrweggehen

By the way: The customer activation campaign is part of the two-stage communication campaign #mehrweggehen, coordinated by the state capital's Climate Protection Department. In November 2023, Stuttgart's restaurants were already informed about the reusable offer obligation. Catering businesses can find more information at www.jetztklimachen.de/mehrweg